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How to use the YouTube Vid Repeat?
  1. First, copy the video URL from YouTube. Vid Repeat accepts the normal YouTube URL, as well as the short URL.
  2. Now, paste the URL in the URL textbox above. Then select how long you'd like to play the video for. You can choose that either by filling number of loops or by number of minutes.
  3. If you would like to add a delay between each loop, you can fill in the seconds.
  4. If you would like to loop only a specific part of the YouTube video, just fill the Start and End values in the respective fields. You have to fill the value exactly as it looks in the video - like HH:MM:SS.
  5. Now click on the Load & Repeat Video button, and it will start looping your YouTube video.

You can share your loop with your friends. Opening the video via this URL will autoplay the YouTube video with your settings.

You can also embed the video to your website, with the loop settings. You website users will click on the video to play it, and it will loop according to your settings. To adjust the height and width of the embed video, you can change the height and width parameters in the embed URL.